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ALP Company: Accessories

There are additional elements created to increase comfort while using metal-plastic windows. It is possible to place mosquito to prevent insects from getting into a premise. Ventilation system can be established as well. It helps to air a premise without draughts. Once established metal-plastic windows will serve you at least 40 years. "ALP" Company gives a durability guarantee for metal-plastic windows for 42 years.

Double-glazed window

The double-glazed window is a product which consists of two or more glasses. These glasses incorporate at the edges for what distance frames or hermetics are used.

Thus hermetically closed chambers are created, filled by special gas or specifically drained air. Double-glazed windows is a component of a ready window. Now, the majority of people consider double-glazed windows to be plastic windows (the PVC window) all the same. Actually it not absolutely so.

Distinction between a double-glazed window and a plastic window consists that the double-glazed window is the basic part of a window which was being made from usual glass earlier. Plastic window is a double-glazed window framed in a profile. Except plastic windows it is possible to make aluminium windows where a double-glazed window insert into an aluminium frame, wooden windows – the frame for a double-glazed window is made from various types of a tree, PVC windows consist of a double-glazed window and a frame made of a modern material polyvinylchloride (PVC).

One of key elements of window accessories from which window's functionality depends are window handles.

Today plastic windows are the integral attribute of inhabited and industrial premises. One of key elements of accessories for windows on which works all the window system - window handles. Window handles execute function of the original device by which the difficult mechanism of a window is put in action. Window handles are made of various materials: brass and aluminium alloys. Then they are processed by special mixtures against the corrosion, providing full protection against damages and raising their term of operation. Handles vary depending on the way they are closed, their sizes, places of use and other factors. Handles for windows differ by the form and on the functionality. 

Besides the basic mission, window handles execute variety of functions: decorative, protective, climatic.
Decorative function: correctly chosen window handles have an elegant look as window accessory, and also remarkably look in any interior. Present handle manufacture possibilities allow a large colour scale and making window handles of usual white tones, the bronze, chromeplated, gold colours. Such handles are made by order, taking into consideration individual requirements of customers.
Protective function: for safety there are special locked handles for windows which are reliable and simple in installation. Also handles with a key are used in houses where there are children. 
Climatic function: in some models of windows the ventilating channels intended for airing, are combined with handles. Irrespective of the execution, window handles for plastic euros of window blocks, and window handles for wooden windows should be not only nice, but also convenient, durable and that is obligatory, easy in operation. Because of that at a choice of window handles it is necessary to consider not only data of the manufacturer andl appearance of window handles, but also their convenience in use.


Rolling Mosquito Nets

Rolling mosquito net is the most convenient decision for protection of premises against insects.
The mosquito net is reeled up as a roll on a shaft located at the top of a window and closed by a box - thus, you can lift and lower the net easily at any moment (for washing of windows or for the winter).
The rolling mosquito net can be made as high as 2300 mm. If the net is more hight, at its lifting the roll, formed on top shaft, will be too big and won't fit a box. The recommended width of rolling mosquito net is up to 1000 mm. Our experience shows that a larger net easily enough drops out of its shears at lifting and lowering.


  • Has modern design
  • Practically does not demand maintenance service
  • Does not detain air penetration
  • Does not demand a place for storage - can not be taken off a window
  • Is durable and convenient in operation

Frame Mosquito Nets

Frame mosquito net is a practical, inexpensive decision for protection of premises against insects. Perfectly will do both for inhabited, and for office accommodations.
Unlike rolling mosquito frames can be made almost of any necessary width and height. 

There are also mosquito nets for doors - for protection of doorways against insects. they are usually fastened on special loops.
The minimum settlement area of mosquito net is 0,75 sq. m. (for example, 300 х 300 mm net can be made quite well, but for calculation of its cost 0,75 sq. m will be used, not the actual area of 0,09 sq. m). It depends on the manufacturing cost price sharp increasement, connected by area reduction.