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Buy Aluminum sliding doors in Yerevan

Description of aluminum sliding doors

Aluminum mobile doors have been in high demand lately. Sliding doors give the room a cozy and stylish look. Light room lovers will especially appreciate the sliding doors, as they make the room brighter and warmer. There are two main types of slide doors: exterior and interior slide doors. Sliding doors with aluminum profile are more common. Exterior sliding doors with aluminum profile are used in shopping centers, houses, hotels and elsewhere.

Mobile doors usually consist of two main parts, one of which is stationary and the other removable. Aluminum profile doors are one of the best solutions for modern architecture. Due to the sliding doors you feel in contact with the outside world.

Sliding doors have a number of advantages. The main advantages are:

• Slide doors are safe. They are made from specially tempered glass and are rarely broken.
• Installing slide doors is a very easy and clean process and does not require any additional construction work.

Slide doors in Yerevan are getting more and more demand and interest.

Preparation and installation price

The price of aluminum slide doors depends on their design and, of course, the quality. The price of aluminum profile doors in Yerevan ranges from 35-50.000 AMD depending on the choice and wishes of the customer. Alp Company gives its customers the opportunity to buy the best sliding doors at an affordable price and high quality.