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Flexible windows in Yerevan, Armenia

PVC windows are made from PVC membranes and are used for the isolation from outer environment. They protect from rain, wind, insects and dust, keeping constant temperature inside at the same time. PVC windows are very durable and flexible, they keep the external view even after 10 years of exploitation in any weather (from -39°С to 50°С).

Art Len Plast is the first company in Armenia who presents PVC windows in the local market.

PVC windows for pavilions and terraces

PVC windows are an easy and modern way of glazing of open-air pavilions, terraces and balconies. They have a beautiful external view, are easy to assemble and dismantle, isolate the space providing comfortable open-air rest even in the case of weather changes.

Flexible windows for summer cafes and restaurants

PVC windows are also comfortable for open-air offices, especially for cafes and restaurants. Besides being practical they also have a beautiful external view and save the electricity cost as they keep constant temperature inside.

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