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Inside folding doors

Folding doors assortment

Folding doors are an integral part of the modern interior. The assortment of folding doors is expanding day by day. The internal folding doors, are not only diverse in design, but also vary in quality and material. Unlike conventional single-leaf doors, folding doors save space, are flexible and help to use every centimeter of your home purposefully. As one of the most important trends in modern interior design, it is hard to imagine that the Romans used folding doors still so many centuries ago. However, unlike the Roman era, the assortment of internal folding doors is expanding day by day.

The following should be taken into account when purchasing folding doors:

• Folding doors can be ordered or selected from ready-made options to fit your area.
• If you are purchasing the folding doors separately from the other doors of your home, you should try to choose an option that will perfectly match with the existing doors.

Production and installation prices

By making an order in our office you can buy high quality folding doors of different shapes, sizes and colors. ArtLenPlast allows you to get high quality doors with unique design at low prices. The price for construction and installation works starts from 120,000 AMD. Individual door orders are accepted both in Yerevan and in the regions of Armenia.