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Buy roulette blinds

Description of roulette blinds

Roulette blinds are gaining more and more popularity. They are elegant, practical, modern. Installing roulette blinds is easy and the cost is affordable.

Because roulette blinds are a novelty, buyers can often wonder whether it is advisable to obtain them. In fact, roulettes make life easier, beautify the surroundings and give the windows a new breath.

Cylinder blinds are easily fixed to both wood and metal windows. In addition to the exterior beauty, roulette blinds have a number of protective properties. Due to these properties, they not only become an integral part of the interior, but also protect the apartment from undesirable phenomena: dust, wind, sun. The blinds have energy saving properties and maintain a stable temperature in the area.

Production and installation prices

By making an order in our office you can buy high quality cylinder blinds in different shapes, sizes and colors. The cost of the pruction and installation of roulette blinds is approximately 9000 AMD per square meter. Individual orders for blinds are accepted both in Yerevan and in the regions of Armenia.
"ArtLenPlast" offers affordable prices, paying special attention to quality.

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