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Plastic windows care

How to properly take care of plastic windows?

By instaling PVC windows, many think that they will serve for a long time without requiring special care and attention. Anyhow, windows can serve for a long time only if they get enough care. Plastic windows are simple to use. Their main parts, though, need to get special preventive care.

How to clean plastic profiles?

For cleaning PVC profiles, no detergents containing solvents, acetone, acids or abrasives can be used. All of the materials listed are destructive for plastic as they cause minor scratches, leave traces, the plastic becomes rough, and can break down after a while.

Euro window profiles should not be cleaned by using alcohol, acetone, gasoline or chlorine as they destruct the plastic layer. 

The most harmless and cheap means of cleaning plastic windows is the ordinary soapy water. Soak the soft clothe in the water and clean the frames carefully. If the frames are very dirty, you can repeat this for several times. At the end, clean the frames with a clean and wet clothe. End the cleaning process by drying the windows with clean and dry clothe or napkin.  

Why do plastic windows sweat?

Why do plastic windows sweat?

Why do plastic windows sweat?

The sweating problem of plastic windows is of great concern, as the water droplets accumulating on the windows need to be wiped from time to time, in addition, "sweated" windows can cause mold. So, why are plastic windows sweating and how can we combat this?

Methods for glazing balconies

Methods for glazing balconies

Methods for glazing balconies in the apartment

Open balconies often become useless spaces in the apartment. Thanks to the glazing of the balconies, the area can be used more efficiently. Glazing can be accomplished by several methods: cold glazing, hot glazing, and panoramic glazing.

Useful Advice

Useful Advice

How to whiten yellow window frames?

Things have a tendency of getting yellow and dirty, including PVC windows and, especially, window frames. Approach your window right away and look at the frame. Is it yellow? What to do? So, how can we bring back whiteness of the windows? Here are some useful tips to apply.

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The operation manual on horizontal aluminium sun-protection jalousie

Plastic windows Though aluminium jalousie needs certain care, but all manipulations are simple enough and will not take much time.
1. It is necessary to clean the aluminium jalousie of dust periodically. For this purpose during planned cleaning of a premise usually vacuum cleaner is used. The soft fleecy nozzle will do quite well.
2. If your horizontal jalousie have become too dirty (it often happens at kitchen or balcony windows), you can dismantle them and wash them, for example, in a bathroom under a stream of warm water from a shower, if necessary applying any washing-up liquid: soap, shampoo or - which is better - a small amount of detergent powder. The fixture of horizontal jalousie is under the top eaves of a curtain. Thus you will not harm horizontal jalousie.