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The operation manual on horizontal aluminium sun-protection jalousie

Plastic windows Though aluminium jalousie needs certain care, but all manipulations are simple enough and will not take much time.
1. It is necessary to clean the aluminium jalousie of dust periodically. For this purpose during planned cleaning of a premise usually vacuum cleaner is used. The soft fleecy nozzle will do quite well.
2. If your horizontal jalousie have become too dirty (it often happens at kitchen or balcony windows), you can dismantle them and wash them, for example, in a bathroom under a stream of warm water from a shower, if necessary applying any washing-up liquid: soap, shampoo or - which is better - a small amount of detergent powder. The fixture of horizontal jalousie is under the top eaves of a curtain. Thus you will not harm horizontal jalousie.

Then horizontal jalousie need to be shaken, hung up on an old place for full drying. All You will need to do later is after a while remove stains of dried water by a soft rag - and your jalousie will please you again.

The operation manual on vertical sun-protection jalousie

Vertical jalousie are one of the most stylish, modern and functional variants of window design of a premise. Jalousie are easy-to-work enough and do not demand any special care.

Strips of vertical jalousie need to be vacuumed several times a year, using a nozzle for upholstered furniture cleaning.
Before shifting lamellas, they need to be turned perpendicularly to the window. If it is not done usually, the mechanism will get out of order much faster.

If jalousie malfunction (do not close, lamellas do not turn), do not try to eliminate malfunction yourself, do not pull the ruling cord with force. The best way is to call in the firm where the jalousie has been bought. You will be necessarily prompt what to do. The less the situation is disregarded, the easier it is to correct it.

In case of lamella fabric pollution it is in no case recommended to wash or clean it by yourself! Various kinds of a fabric for vertical jalousie have impregnation from various substances, many of which can get in reaction with a detergent powder and other washing-up liquids. Then the fabric can warp, deform and vertical jalousie will appear unsuitable for the further operation. In advance it is not obviously possible to define, what fabric will stand washing and what will deform, therefore you should better not risk.

Cleaning strongly polluted Very dirty vertical jalousie cleaningshould be trusted to cleaning services specialised in a dry-cleaner of upholstered furniture, floor coverings and vertical jalousie.

Wooden jalousie wipe a rag and clean a vacuum cleaner. Threads by which wooden parts are fastened, have an antidust-and-liquid impregnation, therefore it won't be harmed even by cleaning by a washing vacuum cleaner.
But for jalousie from a fabric dry cleaning or washing (as agreed with experts) in the conditions of service is appropriate only.


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Why do plastic windows sweat?

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