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The operation manual on horizontal aluminium sun-protection jalousie

Plastic windows Though aluminium jalousie needs certain care, but all manipulations are simple enough and will not take much time.
1. It is necessary to clean the aluminium jalousie of dust periodically. For this purpose during planned cleaning of a premise usually vacuum cleaner is used. The soft fleecy nozzle will do quite well.
2. If your horizontal jalousie have become too dirty (it often happens at kitchen or balcony windows), you can dismantle them and wash them, for example, in a bathroom under a stream of warm water from a shower, if necessary applying any washing-up liquid: soap, shampoo or - which is better - a small amount of detergent powder. The fixture of horizontal jalousie is under the top eaves of a curtain. Thus you will not harm horizontal jalousie.

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